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Historia ATS

Two sisters in search of a reunion.

An indigenous tale, from Brazil's Pantanal to the world.


Amidst the chaos of a brutal assault on their indigenous tribe, the sisters Ari and Tai get separated from each other

In order to find her way back to her sister, Ari must delve deeper into her bond with the powerful Encantado spirit.

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Unaware of her sister's whereabouts, Tai embarks on a dangerous journey to find Ari.

She's driven by her conviction that she still lives and her goal to put an end to the land grabbers' destruction

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Upon discovering she has an unexpected connection with a nature spirit, the Encantado, the little Ari embarks on a journey through the mysterious spiritual world.

Among the Stars.

Two lives torn apart by violence.

A heartwarming journey of

reunion and


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Digging to know more about the game, aren't ya?

Dive into the World of 'Among the Stars': A 2D platform adventure that delivers an unforgettable experience with its strong storytelling, thrilling combat elements, and puzzle-solving action.

A game that blends the captivating storytelling of games like "Inside" and "Child of Light" with the dynamic and visually stunning gameplay of "Ori and the Blind Forest". Explore two parallel plots as both sisters Ari and Tai, in a game divided into chapters that promises a thrilling experience.

We will do our best to release the game on all available platforms.

Ari's journey

Join Ari on her journey through a mystical world, powered by her supernatural abilities, as she and her spirit companion, the Encantado, explore the realm and unlock its secrets. Transform into different animals, each granting unique abilities, to enhance your combat powers, mobility, and puzzle-solving skills.

Playing as Ari, you'll explore both the spiritual realm and the breathtaking landscapes of Pantanal, with the powers of the Encantado spirit by your side. Unveil the truth about Ari's heritage, and fight against the forces of destruction to find her sister Tai and to prevent the destruction of her land.

Unlock the many transformations of the Encantado, as it takes on the form of various animals found in the Pantanal region. In addition, delve into a culturally rich landscape as Ari and the Encantado traverse the Kadiwéu and Guarani Kaiowá peoples' universe.


Tai's journey

Play as Tai, who sets out on a mission to rescue his missing sister, Ari, reported missing after a land grabbing attack on their native community in the Pantanal. Discover the heart-wrenching story and social conflict elements between land grabbers and the indigenous communities of the Pantanal as you embark on this epic quest.

Following Tai's timeline, you'll embarking on an exciting journey through the diverse landscapes of the Pantanal, from its sprawling fields and dense forests, to quaint villages and bustling cattle ranches, to the very camps of the land grabbers themselves.


 Ari  is the playable character of Amont the Stars' Alpha version.

At the tender age of 10, Ari possesses a unique perspective on the world, honed by her upbringing steeped in love and care. With a supernatural ability to see beyond the veil, Ari's perception of reality is vastly different from those around her.

The depth of her emotions, her keen sense of empathy and understanding, and her innate connection to the spirit world make Ari a truly special being.

Throughout the game, Ari will embarks on a venture through the spirit world, unlocking her inner powers and growing closer to the Encantado, taking on the ethereal forms of different animals of the Pantanal. Her journey will challenge her to tap into her full potential and harness her gifts to overcome obstacles and find home.


 Tai , Ari's elder sister, grew up too fast at the young age of 17. Not only did she bear witness to the destructive actions of land grabbers and their greed for the forest, but she also had to mature quickly to fulfill her role as her younger sister's protector amidst the ongoing violent conflicts.

Growing up with her horse by her side, Tai has developed unmatched courage and precision. She can confidently launch a barrage of tiny darts while riding at full speed. Fearful of the dangers that surround her, Tai is fiercely protective and quick to defend her loved ones and community from any threats.


The  Enchanted  embodies the essence of nature in the Pantanal, representing the age-old life force found in all elements of the region, from its forests to its creatures.


Their name is the term used by indigenous ethnic groups to describe the mystical creatures of nature. In the game, Ari will embark on a journey with Enchated, gaining the ability to transform into various animals from the Pantanal.


Each of Encantado's animal forms unlock unique abilities for Ari, including combat, movement, and puzzle-solving capabilities. To progress through the game, players will need to utilize a combination of these skills.


In the game, players will face both human and magical foes, ranging from ruthless land grabbers to mythic creatures from indigenous folklore.

Some of those foes are pictured as shadow enemies. They embody the darkest emotions that exist within humans. While these emotions are universal, they can become overpowering for some individuals and lead to harm towards others. Those taken by their evil presence have their vital energy warped, becoming shadows themselves, capable of great destructive power.


• Gorgeous Traditional 2D animation brings the characters to life in gameplay
• Immerse yourself in 2D animation cutscenes, crafted in the finest Split Studio style
• A heart-wrenching and deeply human story
• Captivating characters
• A singular take on the Pantanal and the rich Kadiwéu and Guarani Kaiowá cultures
• A story that combines the fantastical with real social struggles of the Pantanal
• Unique and powerful Pantanal animals unlock new abilities for movement, combat, and puzzle-solving
• Smooth and responsive action that allows the player to become fully immersed in the gameplay and story
• An all-engulfing, epic, and emotional soundtrack
• A collection of achievements for players to enjoy and collect
• Indigenous representation in both the game's theme and the team behind the project
• A one-of-a-kind artistic training initiative to equip indigenous artists with the skills to pursue a career in animation, with the game serving as the starting point
• And, above all, it's a very fun game to play!

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Why should you play it?

Trilha Sonora

To enhance the game play of Among the Stars, special attention has been paid to the sound design and soundtrack, offering players a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

Our mission is to create a unique and culturally rich soundscape for the game, featuring the contributions of indigenous artists alongside classical and pop elements. Behind the curtains,our team boasts the talents of Ian Wapichana, a vital native Brazilian voice, and the accomplished music producer Davi Carturani, the composer of the trailer music.

Trilha do trailer - Among the StarsIan Wapichana e Davi Carturani
00:00 / 03:18

By the way, dynamic audio integration in games is a staple at Split, which can offer an immersive experience and draws the player into the story and gameplay. Hence, you can look forward to this type of implementation in the game.

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The game features a compelling story inspired by real conflicts in the Brazilian mid-west and the strength and resilience of the indigenous peoples in the region. The story of the game, which is entirely fictional and infused with indigenous spiritual elements, mirrors the realities of many native Brazilian lives and families who suffer from violence and are rarely make the news.


What is the Pantanal?

The Pantanal is a vast wetland region located mostly in Brazil, but also extending into Bolivia and Paraguay. It is the largest freshwater wetlands in the world and is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including jaguars, giant otters, and hundreds of bird species. That got Pantanal to be recognized by Unesco as a Natural Heritage of Humanity and Biosphere Reserve.

The Pantanal is also home to several indigenous peoples, including the Guató, Kaiowá, Kadiwéu, Xavante, among others. These communities have lived in the region for centuries and have a deep cultural and spiritual connection to the land and its resources. However, the Pantanal is facing a number of threats, including deforestation, overfishing, and the construction of dams, which are negatively impacting the livelihoods of these indigenous peoples.

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